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At Outer Reef Yachts, we continually strive to perfect our process in building the ultimate long range cruiser. Customer service, safety, efficiency, and the desire for pure enjoyment are the fundamental ingredients of our award winning designs. We equate 100% of our success to the relationships we have with the Outer Reef Family Of Owners - the continual feedback they provide us and the healthy communication we maintain with them years after the sale. In short, our owners and their dreams are at the heart of everything we do.

This is a compilation of our owners' thoughts, feelings, and experiences throughout their journey with Outer Reef. Within all phases, including initial design sessions, pre-building, construction, and after-sale processes, they avidly paint a picture of their excitement and satisfaction through their own words. And you'll find a reoccurring theme - they love the consistent accessibility and personalization the Outer Reef's team provides.

We are very grateful for our owners, and are humbled by their willingness to share their stories. Enjoy.