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Expedition Yacht Adventure to Cape Horn

At Outer Reef Yachts we endeavor to make every one of our present and future owners' wishes come true. We collaborate with each owner to uncover their lifestyle needs and to build a yacht that is a conduit to the things that make you happy - whether it is an obsession with deep sea fishing in Australia, experiencing breathtaking sunrises and sunsets in The Med, or rounding Cape Horn like Paul Hawran, the owner and captain of 88' (27 meter) Outer Reef M/Y ARGO, and Jeff Druek, President and CEO of Outer Reef Yachts.

Expedition M/Y ARGO Cape Horn Video

Map of the Journey

ARGO's journey started with a shakedown cruise to Alaska, and proceeded down to San Diego, Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Los Suenos in Costa Rica, cleared into Chile at Puerto Iquique, proceeded to Port Tortel, explored northern and southern Patagonia over a period of approximately 30 days, continued on to Puerto Williams, and successfully rounded Cape Horn early February. ARGO continued her journey heading up to Tierra del Fuego, and worked back up the west coast of Chile with a stopover in Peru and a visit to Machu Picchu. The owner took a flight over to the Galapagos, followed by another flight to explore a portion of the Amazon River. October 2017 found ARGO transitioning through the Panama Canal, and in 2018, she will spending 6-8 months in the Caribbean, and heading to the Med thereafter.


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Photo Gallery of the Journey


The Story

Outer Reef Yachts has always maintained a clear set of goals: to build the most seaworthy, efficient, and robust yachts available in the world, supported by service that is second to none. With dedication, experience, and an openness to feedback, Outer Reef has continued to perfect its products and the process behind them. The result? Award-winning yachts with the highest caliber of safety and bluewater capabilities available.

To truly 'know' an Outer Reef is to love an Outer Reef (as the old saying goes). Outer Reef owners, and those in the media who put the brand's yachts to the test, will express their genuine confidence in Outer Reef time and time again. This is why people stay in the Outer Reef Family for years on end.

And, this is why our latest story, one of adventure, beauty, challenge and awe, is such an important story to share and no one can speak to this better than owner and captain Paul Hawran, owner of an Outer Reef 88' Cockpit called ARGO. Hawran chose his Outer Reef after doing a significant amount of research and comparison shopping, because of the caliber of quality Outer Reef offers in design, construction and service instilled in Paul the necessary confidence to carry out his ambitious cruising plans including "[Alaska], the Galapagos, and around Cape Horn, Patagonia, and the fabulous glaciers and fjords of Chile with (a yacht that has) 3,500-gallon fuel capacity and twin Caterpillar C-18 Acert 1001 bhp engines, she can go the distance: 3,500 miles at her cruising displacement speed of 10 knots."

From the start of the process, Hawran worked hand-in-hand with Jeff Druek on the design and build of ARGO, knowing that once he took delivery, getting to know her was critical. His 'shakedown cruise' started in Victoria, B.C., and through the Inside Passage "to see unique places, wildlife, and people." In an article in Northwest Yachting's September 2016 issue, Mr. Hawran stated that having an understanding of "all system checks, handling characteristics, engine sweet spots, sounds, performance, electronics, and our place among other boats," was critical when planning a journey to Alaska and beyond, which would undoubtedly bring Hawran face-to-face with the roughest seas offshore and put the yacht to the test.

Paul Hawran chose Outer Reef Yachts to accomplish what he set out to do - cruise his yacht in remote, untouched areas including Alaska, Patagonia, and round Cape Horn. And to truly up the ante, our President and CEO Jeff Druek was inspired by Hawran's ambitions and decided to join him and his crew on this magnificent trip around The Horn. All who are entrenched in blue-water yachting can agree there is no greater testament to a product's reliability than that of the company's owner physically participating in a cruise in the most unpredictable and challenging waters in the world. Sailing around the Horn is widely regarded a major challenge in yachting.

By way of this story, and the countless others Outer Reef owners are happy to share, please take time to learn more about our tested, proven, award-winning long range yachts through the eyes of genuine experience. Whether it's Cape Horn, or the romantic French Riviera, you might relate to these owners' stories and have a better understanding as to why an Outer Reef will make a dream cruise or expedition one that becomes a reality. Either way, we hope you find this story to be an inspiration and an assurance that when you are ready to embark on your own journey, Outer Reef yachts will be ready as well.



I was reminded, today is my One Year Anniversary of Argo circling and landing on Cape Horn.

All I can say is thank you. If it wasn't Randy taking my shitty calls at every hour of the night to provide not only technical help but more importantly helping me mentally get through the voyage, or Kristyn trying to get spare parts to me (ouch that still hurts when I think how much that stuff cost) or if it wasn't for Tracy, I wouldn't have such a prominent memory of my voyage and finally having Jeff commit all the resources of ORY to help me get through, I don't know if I would have made it.

My sincere thanks to everyone for all the help you guys provided behind the scenes giving me your support and confidence. You guys are the unsung heroes.

Owner and Captain Paul H., 88' CPMY "ARGO"

My near lifetime ambition of getting to Cape Horn didn't really strike me until several days after circling and stepping on Cape Horn. I know many other boaters have traveled here but this was MY Mount Everest. The journey was difficult and at times felt insurmountable but knowing that Captain Randy Ives of Outer Reef Yachts was there, not only helping with sending spare parts, walking me through technical issues and providing moral encouragement when I needed it the most, day or night 24/7, made the voyage possible. My agents (and now friends) in Chile (SASYSS) made life for a non-Spanish speaking person a joy to witness the unique and simply unbelievable natural beauty of Chile, and have firsthand experience of the kindness, generosity, and openness of the Chilean people. This will not go down in the annals of world history but for me, as Rocky Balboa said, "Yo Adrian, I DID IT!!!

Paul Hawran, Owner and Captain of M/Y ARGO, Outer Reef 88' Cockpit

For me, the founder of Outer Reef Yachts, "Rounding the Horn" was a culmination of efforts by all, and at the same time a small snapshot of what I attempted to achieve many years ago as I started to build this company. Sure, it was a very proud moment for Outer Reef as a company: a testament to the robustness and quality of the Yachts we build. But for me personally, it was an even prouder moment to see the sense of joy and accomplishment on the face of my client and friend, Paul Hawran - to see him fulfill his dream aboard his Outer Reef. As a businessman I understand the nuts and bolts, the P&L statements that are not to be ignored. For me, Outer Reef Yachts has always been more. This has been a personal journey for me, one that has forged so many new friendships with clients and staff, and so many intangibles - things that you cannot read on a P&L statement. This is best illustrated by a loose internal mission statement/credo that we all live by at Outer Reef Yachts, echoed often: "the day we stop laughing and having fun, is the day we start looking for another job". I feel that this credo is the "infectious glue" that binds the Outer Reef "family" of staff and owners together. I look forward to many more years of momentous journeys and keeping our little "glue factory" humming along, making the magic sauce.

Jeff Druek, President and CEO of Outer Reef Yachts

We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.


A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are for.

William G.T. Shedd

When I asked the owner what he liked best about his ORY 880, he reflected for just a moment. The resounding answer: the emphasis on stability.

Zuzana Prochazka, Sea Magazine, May 2016 Issue

We build boats for those who have boated long enough to know what they want. They're experienced, cruise extensively and want a say in the design process.

Mike Schlichtig, General Manager of Outer Reef Yachts

I just returned home from a fantastic trip around Cape Horn on the Outer Reef 88' Cockpit Motoryacht called ARGO. The boat handled beautifully and Mr. Hawran (owner) told me many stories of how well his boat performed in some VERY SEVERE conditions. The condition of the boat and how well she has handled over 10,000 miles, from Alaska to Cape Horn and beyond, in some very extreme conditions, is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the Outer Reef Yachts Team.

Jeff Druek, President and CEO of Outer Reef Yachts

I often wonder how owners can buy a multi-million dollar yacht and then just keep it in the marina... Maybe I'm opinionated but I think you ought to use it to the fullest.

Paul Hawran, Owner and Captain of ARGO 88 Cockpit Motoryacht


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