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Our First Trip To The Shipyard

September 01, 2006

You can build an Outer Reef without going to Taiwan to see your boat in process, but why would anyone want to do that? That being said, we’d like to expand a little more on the Kaohsiung experience, as the owners of COPEING, Hull #1 of the 650 Outer Reef Series.

Being a boatyard couple (we’ve been taken through a great many), we found Tania to be one of the cleanest and most modern we’ve seen. They employ over 80 people, who are all friendly and polite. The first sight of your boat in production tells you it was the right decision to make this trip. It’s a humbling experience to watch a cabinetmaker spend 30 minutes measuring, planning and fitting just to make sure that one shelf is perfect – especially when you see the process repeated on every shelf, door and cabinet. The pride in workmanship is repeated endlessly throughout the boat.

The Taiwanese management team were readily available and were very busy making certain that everything went well. They also answered all our questions and requests and were exemplary hosts during our visit.

Lunch was quite an experience. We were taken to a local seafood restaurant with a round table and big lazy Susan in the middle. We selected our food from a large iced-down display in front of the restaurant – fresh swimming fish, fruits and vegetables, but had none of the fishy odor of our domestic seafood markets. Everything was that fresh!

After a long day at the boatyard, be prepared for a great hotel! The Splendor caters to its clients as Tania caters to its customers. The rooms are beautiful, the beds are firm, the spa and workout room are clean and modern. The hotel provides hair dryers and laundry services.

We also had the opportunity to shop in downtown Kaohsiung. While we were the the only English-speaking people we encountered, we had little difficulty conducting business and became somewhat adept at charades. Kaohsiung is not a tourist destination, and this made our visit all the more enjoyable. The people on the streets couldn’t have been more gracious! Our only regret was that we couldn’t stay longer or take time to visit any other parts of Taiwan, Hong Kong or Tokyo.

We highly recommend a visit to Taiwan, Kaohsiung, and the Tania Boat Yard!

- Ray and Susan C., Owners of Outer Reef 650 Motoryacht "COPEING"

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