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Outer Reef Has Gone Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

November 18, 2022

Outer Reef Has Gone Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

WOW! It is hard to believe almost two years have passed since we first started serious discussions with Joel (Davidson) about ordering a new Outer Reef. Now here we are, setting on OKIE, our 720, in Harbor Island the Bahamas. What a wonderful experience.

The team you have assembled at Outer Reef has gone beyond the call of duty every step of the way to make our dream a reality.

Joel has the patience of Job. I wore him out with emails and questions of every variety. He never lost his patience with my relentless questions. He helped us with introductions to other Outer Reef owners. Our discussions with these other owners helped Sarah and I in making the final decision to order an Outer Reef.

As we neared the contract stage Joel handed off the baton to Danny. With Danny’s help we then proceeded to build our options list. Danny is unbelievable. He worked literally day and night to help us get every final little detail we wanted on OKIE. I sometimes received emails from Danny at 6am and 10pm. He was fully engaged. So many details and change orders. Without exception Danny was always our advocate in getting things processed and approved with the yard. I think, all in, we have about 150 items on our options list. We made some major changes like the Optimus steering, Spot Zero water maker and Garmin Surround View system. With each of these Danny just got his head into it and helped us work through the details.

Finally, after an 18-month process and about 60 weeks of “Friday Photos,” our 720 was offloaded in Fort Lauderdale on September 20th. Note the boat needed to be ready for the Fort Lauderdale show no later than October 21st. Then your delivery team took over with one month to get her ready for the show and to meet our schedule of leaving for the Bahamas on November 1st. Randy, Deborah, Bryan, and Greg worked diligently to ensure that we stayed on schedule.

Deborah had her vendors all lined up. Sarah and I really feared there was no way that all the little details like bed linens, decorative pillow and sunshades could be completed in time for our departure on November 1st. Unbelievably, she got it done. We made our departure on schedule and with all detail finish items installed on board. I should also give a hats off to Deborah for all the time she spent with Sarah helping with all the decor selection. Sarah and I are very happy with the way the interior of the boat turned out. Our goal was to have a trawler style boat but with a more contemporary interior. With Deborah’s help we got exactly that. One of my favorite things on our boat is the new design for the salon settee.

What can I say about Randy? Exceptional individual. He has taken my calls and spent untold hours answering the questions of an amateur boater. Going through the orientation process with him was a wonderful learning experience. Believe it or not, I do feel that with his help I now have a good understanding of the major systems on board the boat. With Randy’s expertise and guidance, I have been able to assemble a good spares list for the boat. Randy is truly interested to make sure we as new Outer Reef owners understand the operation of our boat and have an enjoyable experience. Since departing for our extended stay in the Bahamas Randy has continued to follow-up to confirm all is going well. That’s great service.

Jeff - you and the team at the Tania yard build a great boat. The team you have assembled in the US have been wonderful to work with during the build and delivery process. Thank you for helping providing Sarah and I the opportunity to join the Outer Reef family.

- Dale and Sarah, Owners of Outer Reef 720 Motoryacht "OKIE"

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