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Wouldn’t Miss a Yard Trip For All of the Tea in Taiwan

April 12, 2024

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Good morning Jeff, 

The trip [to the yard] was amazing, and well worth the cost and wear and tear on the old body.

I felt that way within 30 minutes of arriving at Tania, and it only got better from there. As great of a job as you do with Friday photos, there is no substitute for seeing it in the flesh. Nothing can give one a better perspective of the amount of work, choreography, and attention to detail that goes into building a top-quality yacht.

Howard is a gracious and generous host and culturally dovetails right into the ORY culture. I'd love to hear the story sometime about how you and Tania got together, but you found a great partner. The Tania team struck me as honest, industrious, devoted to their craft, and customer-focused in the same way as the ORY team. These shared values transcend distance. You certainly can't appreciate that from pictures.

The happy coincidence that Danny's planned trip coincided with our deck getting mated to the hull, the engines being "dropped" in, and lots of furniture work underway was icing on the cake! 

I heartily encourage everyone building an ORY to make the pilgrimage. Having done so, I will appreciate our boat in a deeper way than I otherwise could for as long as we have here. Jean and I are already talking about heading over for sea trials and we wouldn't miss it for all the tea in Taiwan!

- Bruce J., Owner of Outer Reef 830 Deluxbridge Motoryacht Currently In-Build

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