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March 04, 2019

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Despite seemingly living and breathing Outer Reef for the past 18 months, today was our first time actually experiencing an Outer Reef underway as we brought RHAPSODY down from Seattle to Tacoma. We were awed by the ride she provided, despite winds kicking up to nearly 40 knots. She was quiet, stable and comfortable yet remarkably responsive.

The greatest surprise, however, was the incredibly thorough orientation to the boat that Outer Reef’s Captain Randy Ives provided over two days. This was our fourth boat purchase and we had not experienced anything approaching this level of introduction to the previous vessels. Randy methodically walked us through each and every system in the boat, including opening a vast number of access panels to demonstrate how to get to virtually anything we could ever need to access.

We benefitted not only from Randy’s encyclopedic knowledge of our boat, but also from his many years of experience as a boat captain on. Our time with him felt like equal parts introduction to our new boat and maritime education. We had no idea when we ordered RHAPSODY, that she came complete with this invaluable time with Randy. Thank you for providing this to the new owners. To top it off, as we entered our boathouse with RHAPSODY for the first time and found that the light fixtures on the walls of the house would impinge on the boat, Randy had his power tool and crowbar out in minutes to remove the obstacles. He "got her done"!

We are proud to have joined the Outer Reef Yachts family and look forward to years of enjoyment aboard RHAPSODY. Thank you for what you have created!

- Jim and Jane T., Owners of Outer Reef 700 Motoryacht “RHAPSODY”

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