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It Is Always a Pleasure

March 29, 2017

It Is Always a Pleasure

So far, our dealings with Outer Reef have been exceptional, and we are looking forward to the whole experience.

We have built a successful New York office for a major pension fund based on 30 years of learnings, where collaboration, respect and the pursuit of excellence are the three main pillars. We have to say that you have done the same at Outer Reef. Project Manager Randy Ives and our Sales Representative, Joel Davidson, are noodling on how to tweak set-up, so we can run ANA LUISA on just one engine without locking the shaft. 

Your team definitely is not satisfied with what is, but is excited about what could be. It is always a pleasure dealing with each member of your team. Well done on getting the culture right!

- David and Ana S., Owners of Outer Reef 700 Motoryacht "ANA LUISA"

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