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One of the major cornerstones of Outer Reef's business model is customer service that is second to none. This, paired with the latest technological innovations has proved to be a winning combination!

Technology-based owner programs have been an integral part of Outer Reef's ability to provide excellent and convenient service. Outer Reef's service department is excited to introduce another industry first, by way of a new service video offering. Outer Reef's in-house captain, Captain Randy Ives, hosts a selection of videos presenting important topics such as "Understanding the Outer Reef Fuel Transfer System" in a step-by-step, simple video presentation. Owners and operators can view the videos by accessing them via QR codes strategically placed on equipment throughout the area. The goal of these service videos is to equip each owner/operator with key information via an easy scan of a QR code with any mobile device.

The end result? The owner-operator can access helpful and relevant information quickly and conveniently, delivered by the expert, without having to locate a manual or leave the area he or she is working in.

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