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Remaining ever diligent throughout hurricane seasons, it is crucial for Outer Reef owners, as well as all yacht owners, to be proactive and well-prepared to safeguard ourselves and our beloved vessels from potential storms and adverse weather conditions. At Outer Reef Yachts, we understand the importance of preparedness, and we are here to support you in your efforts to ensure the safety of both you and your yacht.

The hurricane season brings unpredictable challenges that can greatly impact our coastal communities and boating activities. It is vital that we take necessary precautions and make informed decisions to minimize risks and potential damages. With our commitment to your safety, Outer Reef Yacht encourages all boaters to remain vigilant, plan ahead, and follow recommended safety guidelines during this period.

To assist you in your preparedness journey, we have compiled a comprehensive checklist of essential measures to consider before, during, and after a storm.

  • Remove flags and flagstaffs
  • Check fenders and add as many as possible
  • Check and add as many lines as possible - tie off the dock if possible
  • Check and put chafing gear on all lines, if possible
  • Check surrounding boats and make sure they are secure - contact owners if possible
  • Make sure weathertight exterior doors, watertight interior doors and port holes are dogged tight
  • Check the dock and surrounding area for any loose debris and secure
  • Fill water tank
  • Fill fuel tanks
  • Remove Eisenglass, covers and cushions and put antennas down
  • Turn off all unnecessary power, lights and equipment
  • If you don't have anything in the refrigerators or freezers, inverting is not suggested
  • Remember if power is lost and you are using the inverter, you only have a short time frame to get power back online

Outer Reef Yacht also wants to remind you about the importance of staying informed. Regularly monitoring weather forecasts, local advisories, and emergency communications will help you make informed decisions regarding your boating activities. Additionally, we recommend establishing a reliable communication channel with fellow boaters and marinas to exchange information and support each other during challenging times.

At Outer Reef Yachts, we are committed to supporting your hurricane preparedness efforts. Our team of experts is available to provide guidance, answer any questions you may have, and offer advice on yacht protection strategies. We can assist you in evaluating your vessel's readiness, suggesting best practices, and recommending reliable service providers if necessary.