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Boating with a Focus on Family and Friends

November 07, 2018

Boating with a Focus on Family and Friends

The owners of the new Outer Reef 700 Motoryacht "ANA LUISA" speak about their experience and plans as new owners of this stunning motoryacht. The couple first contacted Outer Reef in 2014 at the very beginning of their research journey eventually culminating in their choosing Outer Reef Yachts to build their dream yacht. After many design and brainstorming sessions, "ANA LUISA's" owners' dreams came to fruition. After the build process, Joel Davidson, their sales representative, recalls the couple's first day cruising "ANA LUISA" entailing 8-10 foot seas - and the Outer Reef handled "like a dream" as compared to previous yachts the couple have owned.

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