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The Outer Reef 700 Performed Admirably

November 27, 2018

The Outer Reef 700 Performed Admirably

We spent eight nights at marinas, and four nights on the hook. The Outer Reef 700 performed admirably. With seven Outer Reef deliveries under my keel, I have had the good fortune to deliver three Outer Reefs this year alone.

The Outer Reef 700, like the other Outer Reef models, is a well-found long-range yacht. Huge wide walk-around decks and high freeboard makes this a joy to operate and gives peace of mind that my crew are safe on deck. The 700 also rides extremely well at anchor. On this particular voyage, we consumed a total of 1,978 gallons on 2,200 gallons capacity leaving 222 gallons in reserve; which equates to 27.75 hours. At 8 GPH, that's an addition 249.5 miles.

It was great to have a 70-foot yacht with 5-foot draft under my feet. It makes the Intracoastal Waterway an excellent alternative to the dash and bash in more-than-marginal weather.

All in all, it was a great trip on a wonderful vessel. I am looking for my next Outer Reef adventure.

- Captain John Wampler, Yachtaide

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