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Outer Reef X Class

As the owner of an Outer Reef, you will rest assured your yacht is built to the highest standards possible, ensuring safety, fun and peace of mind. As Outer Reef continues the expansion of the Classic model collection, ensuring owners have a wide array of choices and opportunities, the resulting innovation and growth within the collection renders model organization within the Classic Series: X Class, M Class and S Class.

What do Outer Reef Class Designations X, M, and S mean?
Outer Reef class designations are determined by two factors:
The yacht's beam dimension - Yachts within the X Class provide a beam dimension of 21' 0" (6.4 M).
The yacht's dedicated mold - Each Outer Reef Classic yacht is built within one of three Classic Series molds, all differentiated by their beam dimension.

Yachts built within the X Class mold are listed below.