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Outer Reef Yachts Luxury Waterfront Real Estate

Outer Reef Yachts, the global leader in building customized long range motor yachts, continues to raise the bar while offering convenience services to a valued customer base. Exceeding customer service expectations, Outer Reef will now offer a full range of waterfront real estate services, open to all interested clientele, despite yacht ownership status.

An imperative consideration around yacht ownership is the safe and convenient dockage required. Owning a property in South Florida has many advantages, including potential tax benefits, as well as the ownership of an appreciating asset as compared to renting seasonal dockage. With extraordinary knowledge of South Florida's waterways and the valuable real estate gems found among them, Outer Reef Yachts has joined forces with Luxury Real Estate Partners, a group solely dedicated to providing unique real estate solutions.

The team at Luxury Real Estate Partners is highly skilled and is comprised of seasoned real estate professionals with outstanding career achievements, and the desire to deliver personal service and accessibility at a moment's notice. Luxury Real Estate Partners' reputation for the utmost discretion ensures clients' privacy and confidentiality. Their in-depth market knowledge, creative and integrated marketing practices, consummate professionalism, negotiation expertise, and highly principled business approach has become the gold standard for their company.

Jeff Druek, Outer Reef's President and CEO, stated:

Now more than ever, Outer Reef Yachts recognizes the value of time and convenience for our customers who are fully engaged in life on and about the water. The experience of yacht ownership, paired with property ownership offering dockage, water views, investment opportunities, proximity to family or a myriad of other benefits translates to our clients' obtaining the well-rounded lifestyle important to them. In creating a real estate offering, Outer Reef, along with Luxury Real Estate Partners, now provides solutions in both realms. With another customer service feather in our cap, our customers win.

Luxury Real Estate Partners can assist in uncovering waterfront and properties of all types, or seamlessly sell currently owned properties.