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In an effort to expand the exceptional customer service Outer Reef Yachts has provided since its inception, the company has taken strategic steps to offer a new private aviation concierge program in partnership with SHY Aviation. With the addition of this invaluable white glove service, Outer Reef's global team has the ability to arrange convenient, private air travel for Outer Reef owners to and from their yachts and beyond. Additionally, interested clients outside of the Outer Reef Yachts family can also choose to utilize these aviation services for a myriad of reasons calling for private air travel.

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Aircraft Charter

The luxury of choice is often the driving force behind the decision to fly charter. We locate the right private jet or executive helicopter for you, commensurate with your needs and budget. We have access to every type of aircraft in the market through worldwide partnerships that we carefully select to ensure safety and service. We present you with details on the available aircraft which include the model, manufacturer, age, configuration and luggage capacity along with exterior and interior photographs.

About Shy & Outer Reef Yachts Partnership

Outer Reef Yachts, through its partnership with SHY Aviation, offers an unparalleled round-the-clock service, focusing on every detail of your flight. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the highest level of support when compared to other brokers on the market. We are here to make private jet travel as easy as it can be. Our philosophy is simple: we care about your journey and understand the importance of every detail of your flight, no matter how big or small. Whether your journey calls for a private jet, group charter or cargo charter, you are always connected and in control with SHY and Outer Reef Yachts. One call, and we will arrange the rest.

With 11 languages spoken, we can guarantee that your flight will be organised with the utmost precision, anywhere in the world.

Our Mission

We understand that, where time is money, there's a value to being quicker than the competition without compromising on the quality of service that runs through the business. Our international team of on-hand professionals are committed to understanding our customers and the way they travel. It means we can deliver a private jet experience that goes beyond bespoke, that fits like a second skin. We understand that where money is no object, time and knowledge are still priceless.

Commercial Charter

Fly any number of passengers to any destination with highly experienced commercial aircraft experts. We will find the ideal group charter solution to suit any number of passengers, offering you the highest standard of service and value for money. We have access to commercial carriers globally, allowing you to choose from a large selection of aircraft. We can provide you with the best private travel options for every type of trip and group size. We can get you to your yacht or return from the most remote areas, or transfer crew wherever needed at short notice.

Private Jets

Our partner team are experts, with a wealth of knowledge in aircraft charter. Along with Outer Reef's expert knowledge of yacht management and owners' needs and requirements, we are adept at creating your personal itinerary and needs into a bespoke private charter experience and have access to every available aircraft around the world. From short hops to trans-continental voyages, we can cater to any requirement. Anytime. Anywhere. With private jet charter, you can travel to exclusive and remote destinations that commercial flights cannot fly to. We pride ourselves on our impeccable, 24hr service. Key staff members will be on the ground to welcome you and wave you off, as well as being there to offer 24/7 support. We can also provide crew repatriation from remote areas, crew change-over flights and emergency private flights back to your home country, if needed.


Need something smaller? Helicopter service is ideal for hotel transfers, ski resort drop-offs, and last-minute events. Our network of experienced charter brokers are given priority landing slots, especially useful for popular sports fixtures, meaning you'll always arrive on time. Better still, our staff members are available globally to meet clients on the ground, giving you access to destinations outside of traditional travel routes. So, if it's a last-minute business meeting or a family sightseeing trip, our helicopter fleet are always on hand.

Helicopter yacht transfer and seasonal helicopter operations contracts.

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