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The Outer Reef Yachts Product and Teams' Customer Service Are Game-Changers

October 20, 2020

The Outer Reef Yachts Product and Teams' Customer Service Are Game-Changers


This note is long overdue...but we've been a bit busy...logging about 175 engine hours and 1500+ nm in our first month aboard! Our boat's name is "SUERTUDO"...Mexican slang for luckiest...because Cary and I considered ourselves so lucky to have found each other. Now we count ourselves even luckier to own an Outer Reef! Maybe we should have named her, "Cloud 9," as that's where we've been for the last month!!

The quality product that Outer Reef delivered is evident as soon as you step aboard..."SUERTUDO" is solid under the foot and has already proven herself in some challenging seas. We spent a full day with 4 - 6 ft seas off the bow and another full day with 4 - 8 ft following seas. In both cases, uncomfortable conditions were made comfortable by the boat and her responsiveness, strength and stability. We knew of Outer Reef's reputation in these regards and saw clear evidence as to the underlying quality when we visited the Tania yard in Kaohsiung 8 months ago.

What has really impressed us throughout the last 20 months (since we signed our contract, through closing), is the value-add of the Outer Reef team. This is likely a differentiator with your competition, but as this is our first boat of any type, we can't comment on those comparisons...we can only speak to how we felt about the service we received at each step of the process.

Our relationship with Outer Reef started with Joel Davidson and he was there for the delivery and final signing as we took possession. Joel was patient with our "stupid questions," (as there were a lot since we didn't know the difference between a windlass and a wind meter!) and helped us understand what is cosmetic versus structural and what is custom versus "expected" on this type of vessel. Joel advised us on decisions that will add joy to our cruising over the coming decade and will help us in selling her when we're ready to end our cruising life.

Danny Stovall handled all the details of the build, and like Joel, helped us immensely with the many major and minor decisions. Danny reaffirmed our decisions when appropriate, but occasionally would offer an "are you sure about that option? Don't think I've seen many other owners with that selection." Danny's patience and organization kept us on-track and didn't let even the smallest items fall through the cracks.

Deborah Dorn led us through a daunting number of decisions, by breaking the entire process down into "bite-size" chunks. Under "normal" circumstances, there were out-of-stock fabrics, delays in manufacturing and shipping that required re-selection...but as we all have learned, nothing is normal in 2020! Deborah was patient with us and firm with vendors that slipped on their delivery dates...she navigated these strange times, quickly updated her project plan as manufacturing times had to be extended, making sure we made immediate decisions when necessary and giving us time to breathe when possible. Deborah's creativity, sense of style, knowledge of marine/cruising requirements more than made-up for our lack of experience.

With delivery in Ft. Lauderdale, Randy Ives and his crew of John and Bryan started their process literally jumping aboard the cargo ship that transported "SUERTUDO" half-way around the world. John and Bryan work their way through seemingly endless checklists and work as a great team with both Randy and Deborah supporting all aspects of the commissioning process. Randy has a great calm style, instilling confidence in even novice owners like ourselves! No question is treated as stupid (and we have already learned enough to realize how little we know, so many of our questions were pretty stupid), and he patiently led us stem to stern, telling us everything we were capable of absorbing about the construction and operation of our boat. We were clearly drinking from a fire hose, but Randy is always available, via email, text or phone to repeat key details we didn't retain.

Tracy, Meghan, Mike, even John Dennison found ways to add value and make our experience more enjoyable or us feel more like family than clients. I doubt I'm telling you anything you don't already know, but I wanted to confirm that you not only build a great quality physical product, but your team's support and passion make sure the service product is just as strong. Not only are we "living the dream," but the biggest compliment I can provide...we have yet to find anything we would change if we were able to rewind the tape and revisit the build decisions! We owe 99% of that to the Outer Reef Family we are privileged to be a part that's truly "SUERTUDO"!

As a mentor long ago told me, "the fish stinks from the head." His way of saying, it's generally the boss's fault. I believe that, and you deserve great credit for establishing this team and culture. Thanks...we couldn't be more grateful! Cheers!

- Michael & Cary S., Owners of Outer Reef 720 Motoryacht "SUERTUDO"

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