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Thank You for Helping us Make our Dream Come True

September 28, 2015

Thank You for Helping us Make our Dream Come True

We are writing this letter in the hope, that someday a future yacht buyer will have a chance to read this in regards to our Outer Reef Sales Representative, Joel Davidson’s, service, and the satisfaction we have had from the day we purchased our 65’ Outer Reef six months ago in Ft. Lauderdale, and the 5000 mile journey we traveled through the Panama Canal and up to San Diego with ONCE AROUND!

Like most people looking for a new or used yacht, there can be a lot of things to consider by the time we finally agreed to purchase our Outer Reef. From the first time we walked on her decks to when we got off this 65’ vessel, we knew that this was the yacht we wanted.

When the time came to make an offer and close the deal, Joel Davidson was the main reason we had our beautiful Outer Reef. His knowledge about the yachting industry and the knowledge about the Outer Reef product was outstanding. He put us in a comfort zone without high pressure to make an offer, negotiate with the seller and making the buyer and the seller happy to close the deal. Win-win!

My wife and I, and our little dog Penny, traveled for sixty days over 5,000 miles on ONCE AROUND. We hired a great captain and crew for this trip, and they all fell in love with our Outer Reef. From the design, to the systems, they could not say enough good things about the quality. One of our captains, with an engineering background, noted the things that make Outer Reef one of the best yachts manufactured today.

ONCE AROUND needed very little in regards to service, but if we ever needed a part or had any questions regarding a system onboard, we could always count on Outer Reef Yachts for help. Thank you again for helping us make our dream come true!

- Steven and Linda S., Owners of Outer Reef 650 Motoryacht “ONCE AROUND”

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