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With GINGER, We Knew We Found the Right Fit

October 23, 2015

With GINGER, We Knew We Found the Right Fit

We purchased GINGER from her original owners, after searching extensively for the "right" boat for us for 6 months. Our friends own a 65' Outer Reef, and they spoke very highly of the boat and the Outer Reef brand. We were impressed with the way the company stood behind its product and supported its owners. When we saw GINGER, we knew we had found the right fit for us.

GINGER spent her first year of our ownership on the East Coast, giving us a chance to get to know the boat, and to explore the Bahamas and Chesapeake Bay. We often called upon Outer Reef with questions, small issues, or for guidance, and they were always happy to respond. We also attended an Outer Reef Rendezvous, which gave us a chance to meet other Outer Reef owners and see many of the other vessels produced by Outer Reef. We have found the owner group to be a great asset in terms of information shared, as well as friendships.

At one point in that first year, we took a small crew to reposition GINGER from Florida to Chesapeake Bay, they found themselves on the edge of a named storm – Alberto. The sea conditions were bad enough to send one crew member to her bunk, but GINGER performed admirably.

In the spring, we shipped GINGER to Victoria, BC - it was time to bring her home. What a happy day it was when she was off-loaded in Victoria early in May! That began our annual migration pattern: north from the Pacific Northwest to Sitka, Alaska in the spring, and south from Sitka back to the Pacific Northwest in the fall. The positioning voyages have become highlights of our year. GINGER provides a comfortable ride, even when we are crossing large bodies of water open to the power of the Pacific Ocean.

We usually spend a few weeks aboard her in the spring and again in the fall, with shorter trips around Southeast Alaska during the summer months. The master stateroom easily accommodates a wardrobe sufficient for all kinds of weather and activities, from cold days in front of a glacier, to balmy days in the San Juan Islands, and from fishing gear, to dressier city attire. The ample storage space in the pantry, as well as under the salon settee's, and in the galley's refrigerator/freezer, plus a generous boat deck freezer, can keep us well-stocked for weeks. We have not yet used all of the many storage spaces GINGER provides.

Several times during these past few years, we have called upon Outer Reef for this or that, and the response has always been fabulous, and even beyond expectations. Even though we are separated by thousands of miles, they have remained steadfastly supportive of us as Outer Reef owners. We are extremely pleased with the company, the way they stand behind their brand, and with the quality of the boat itself.

- John H. and Ral W., Owners of Outer Reef 650 Motoryacht “GINGER”

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