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My Mount Everest

January 26, 2018

My Mount Everest

My near lifetime ambition of getting to Cape Horn didn't really strike me, until several days after circling and stepping on Cape Horn. I know many other boaters have traveled here, but this was MY Mount Everest.

The journey was difficult, and at times felt insurmountable, but knowing that Captain Randy Ives of Outer Reef Yachts was there, not only helping with sending spare parts, walking me through technical issues and providing moral encouragement when I needed it the most, day or night 24/7, made the voyage possible.

My agents (and now friends) in Chile (SASYSS) made it (for a non-Spanish speaking person) a joy to witness the unique and simply unbelievable natural beauty of Chile, and firsthand experience the kindness, generosity, and openness of the Chilean people. This will not go down in the annals of world history but for me, as Rocky Balboa said, "Yo Adrian, I DID IT!!!”

- Paul H., Owner of Outer Reef 880 Cockpit Motoryacht “ARGO”

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