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Delighted to Work With Outer Reef

July 20, 2018

We are excited to start the new build process and are delighted to work with Outer Reef.

I have recently sold my 32m sailboat that was built by Royal Huisman in the Netherlands which  I sailed around the world with a small crew and covered 65,000 miles over 3 ½ years. The choice of Outer Reef was after a lot of consideration and seeing the usual alternatives, Fleming, Nordhavn, Grand Banks et al. 

I have been very impressed with Trevor, who is very helpful and efficient and frankly the build quality of the Outer Reef models. One thing the round-the-world trip taught me is the sea is pretty good at finding weaknesses in boats and exposing them! Corrosion in the marine environment never sleeps, so build quality and ease of maintenance is key, I have found, particularly if you are the owner/ driver/operator.

Coming from sail, the Outer Reef ticked all the boxes to me, and the semi-displacement speed with sensibly sized engines is very appealing, over the boats requiring frequent fuel stops due to their limited range and much larger engines.

Many thanks!

- Owner of New 630 Outer Reef Motoryacht based in Europe

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