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Four years ago, Outer Reef Yachts, the world-renowned long-range cruising yacht manufacturer, pioneered a first of several technical innovations in the industry, by taking QR Code technology to the next level through the Outer Reef Yachts' Quik Code System. QR Codes are computer generated images used as a shortcut to connect directly with online resources, without having to type a URL into an internet browser. By assigning an individualized QR code to each piece of equipment throughout the yacht, the code will direct a user to the desired page and topic in Outer Reef's digital Owner's Instructional and Maintenance Manual. An owner operator, captain, or maintenance technician can quickly locate the specific information needed through the convenience of a hand-held mobile device.

The Quik Code System was not the first "convenience technology" pioneered by Outer Reef Yachts. Outer Reef Yachts was the first long range motoryacht manufacturer to provide each owner with an iPad version of the Owner's Instructional and Maintenance Manual for their yachts. Owners, captains and maintenance technicians of all technical backgrounds will enjoy and appreciate the convenience of accessing all the information needed to operate, manage, and maintain the yacht via an iPad. The information housed on the iPad is provided by Outer Reef Yachts to Wheelhouse Technologies, a company that specializes in creating tailored owner's manuals and proprietary maintenance programs. Wheelhouse Technologies also maintains the information, by continuously updating the database as needed, to ensure the user is referring to the most current manufacturer information at all times.

Most recently in June 2018, Outer Reef Yachts introduced a new Service Initiative with investment in customer-focused management software. The software equips all Outer Reef yacht owners with their own personalized owners' portal - an online, mobile friendly, vessel-specific dashboard hosting real-time information and service updates for their yacht. Outer Reef's service team, offering 92 years of combined experience, will automate all incoming service questions and requests, resulting in delivery of timely updates and status reports with the touch of a button, on any mobile device. Investment in this new software and the training of Outer Reef's service personnel will provide yacht owners a better over-all experience: less time managing maintenance needs, and more time on the water with family and friends.

All Outer Reef Yachts around the globe display the Quik Code System, and all Outer Reef owners are provided access to the new Service Initiative software and customer service program.


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