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It Was a Wow!

February 22, 2018

It Was a Wow!

We understand the short time Outer Reef had to get our vessel, ANA LUISA, ready after delivery. It was a "wow’" and everything seemed to go our way. My wife and I probably would have been more relaxed not to have 23 relatives on the boat our first night, but everything went well, including the food and the weather.

Thank you for letting us do that, as it really made ANA LUISA feel like ours (particularly cleaning her up). The trip to Fort Lauderdale will not be forgotten, and we cannot really explain how comfortable we were at the helm in the parade of boats. She is more controllable and stable than we were used to! We will see what she does at cruise in higher seas, but we believe all will be well.

Thank you to the Outer Reef family! Not done yet, and more on the horizon but if we make it to a very old age, it is a weekend that we will relive again and again.

- David and Ana S., Owners of Outer Reef 700 Motoryacht “ANA LUISA”

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