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What is Outer Reef Doing in the Area of Sustainability?

December 14, 2022

Over time, we have worked hard to improve Outer Reef Yacht’s construction methods and choice of materials in ongoing efforts to improve our environmental sustainability practices. We are reducing our ecological footprint through increased use of recycled materials, such as the use vinyl and natural grass cloth wall coverings, instead of various wood finishes. Throughout the construction process, we also use less impactful protective materials, such as replacing plastic masking and floor coverings with recycled paper products. During the yacht shipping process, many manufacturers continue to cover their boats with sheets of plastic and tarps, which Outer Reef no longer uses. Regarding components and parts selections, and specifically in partnering with engine and generator manufacturers, we choose to align with those manufacturers that deliver the most efficient combustion engines. Outer Reef even recycles its steel shipping cradles after use.

The company will continue to incorporate further sustainability methods and practices wherever possible in a continuing drive to reduce the carbon footprint of its boats.

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