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The Stunning 630 Motoryacht PAKIRI Has No Need To Refuel All Season

August 01, 2019

Photographed here is the beautiful 630 Motoryacht "PAKIRI". Her owners leave today for their summer cruise around the Cote d’Azure and French Riviera. PAKIRI is crewed by a husband and wife team, who find her very docile and easy to maneuver around the ports and into tight spots, due to her draft and heavy displacement. She is steady and unaffected by gusts and higher wind speeds!

She is their perfect Mediterranean cruising yacht, and makes a statement wherever she goes. The owners of PAKIRI don’t have the need to refuel her for the entire season. With 1,000 gallons of fuel they can reach Corsica, Sardinia, the Italian Rivera and back to Antibes without ever refueling!

630 Motoryacht PAKIRI Running Video

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