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Outer Reef Yachts GINGER and BLUE YONDER Explore the Uncharted Beauty of Wrangell, Alaska

June 19, 2023

This past week, Outer Reef owners Bob and Sue F. embarked on a memorable adventure to Wrangell, Alaska, aboard their 2014 Outer Reef 650 Motoryacht, BLUE YONDER. They happened upon GINGER, a fellow Outer Reef photographed here (2010 800 Motoryacht). Both yachts cruised to Wrangell to discover the untouched wilderness, majestic glaciers, and abundant wildlife that make this destination a true paradise for nature lovers and yachting enthusiasts alike.

Outer Reef 650 Motoryacht

Outer Reef 800 Motoryacht

Wrangell, Alaska Destination Feature

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