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Outer Reef Owners Spend Quality Time with Their 'FAVORITE CHILD'

September 28, 2020

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Gary and Betsy, a lovely cruising couple from Colorado, certainly did their research. With a passion for cruising and exploration, this couple left no stone unturned while searching for their perfect yacht…one that would be user friendly while owner-operated, handle all types of seas safely, and ultimately join them in life's journey as their FAVORITE CHILD.

After three years of research, Gary and Betsy were intrigued by GILA RINA II, a 2007 Outer Reef 650 Motoryacht that came onto the market. From that point forward, it was clear - this was the yacht that would make their family complete! Purchased the last day of 2019, this year, FAVORITE CHILD has enjoyed a memorable journey throughout east coast cruising grounds of the U.S. Congratulations and enjoy!

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