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ON LIBERTY Cruises the Northeast’s Summer Hot Spots

August 02, 2023

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Last year, while on summer vacation with family, I looked out of the window of our North End, Boston, Massachusetts VRBO and was pleasantly surprised to spot ON LIBERTY, a beautiful 2015 Outer Reef 820 Cockpit Motoryacht docked in the adjacent marina. She looked graceful and stately against a magical “summer in New England” backdrop. 

The sight of ON LIBERTY was a true testament to the allure of the open waters and the excitement Outer Reef owners feel during their summertime boating adventures. In the context of my summer holiday and stepping away from my daily work, the sleek design and captivating presence of this remarkable yacht, while outside of my window, left me in awe and feeling proud of the Outer Reef team’s good work (in creating these customized “masterpieces”).

As many will tell you, Outer Reef Yachts have this effect!

This summer, ON LIBERTY is actively cruising the Northeast and New England area again, and in a recent update, Captain Tom M. recently stated, "we wanted to share some photos we took from our last few trips through New York and Boston including the 4th of July parade with the USS Constitution. We'll keep you updated; the plan is for Nova Scotia next summer then down to Grenada…"

(Recounted by Tracy Burgess, Director of Marketing at Outer Reef).

Have you ever experienced a breathtaking encounter with an Outer Reef during your travels? Let's celebrate the beauty of life on the water together!

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