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Longer Days and Warmer Waters Beckon Outer Reef 700 Motoryacht AROONA

October 20, 2023

We couldn't resist sharing this beautiful image of AROONA, a 2011 Outer Reef 700 Classic Motoryacht, gracefully embracing the Australian waters. This captivating photograph was recently shared on Facebook alongside the caption, "As the days grow longer, and the waters warmer, we're entering our most cherished season - a time of pristine sunsets and boundless horizons." 

In Australia, the summer season typically begins in December and extends through February. Yachting during this time is especially beneficial due to the warm and sunny weather, making it ideal for cruising the coastal regions. The summer season offers longer daylight hours, gentle sea breezes, and perfect conditions for enjoying the country's diverse marine landscapes, from the Great Barrier Reef to the picturesque coves of the southern coast.

AROONA Video: Cruising Adventures

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