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Journey Aboard ON LIBERTY: A Parallel Universe Where There Is Adventure Happening All Around

June 14, 2024

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Welcome to a glimpse of the captivating journey of ON LIBERTY, a 2015 820 Cockpit Motoryacht, chronicled in an extraordinary blog by its enthusiastic owner. Departing from Charleston, South Carolina, this exceptional vessel has sailed up the East Coast of the United States, exploring breathtaking cruising grounds and picturesque ports, and currently gracing the serene waters of Nova Scotia. The owners, prolific writers, have filled their blog with vivid stories and stunning photographs, capturing every enchanting moment of their adventure. Among these entries, one particular description caught the eye of Outer Reef's CMO, Tracy Burgess. She believes these words may perfectly touch on the magic of their voyage, transporting readers into the heart of ON LIBERTY's remarkable journey. Here is that moving excerpt:

 June 2024: Saint Peter’s to Little Harbour, Bras d’Or Lake, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

 "…As we tied up in the Saint Peter’s marina in Bras d’Or Lake, we learned that the folks in the little sailboat next to us were doing final preparations to set on to sail to the Azores, then on to the Canary Islands and back again across the Atlantic and home. I love thinking about all the people at this moment who are out enjoying this beautiful planet all around the world. Sometimes boating feels a little like stepping into a parallel Harry Potter universe where there is adventure happening all around you if you just look, and the ocean opens the door to you - to go anywhere..." 

- Owner of ON LIBERTY, Outer Reef 820 Cockpit Classic Motoryacht

Stay tuned as we continue to follow ON LIBERTY throughout this incredible journey!

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