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Considering Building a New Yacht 90’ (27 Meter) or Larger?

February 05, 2020

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Here’s What You Need to Know Regarding the 2021 International Maritime Organization Tier III Emissions Regulations

We at Outer Reef Yachts realize the importance of staying abreast of, and sharing information about a topic that will greatly affect new yacht builds, 90’ (27 Meter) and above in length, as it relates to the pending International Maritime Organization Tier III emissions regulations, scheduled to take full effect in 2021.

To access articles and resources regarding these regulations:

This is a complicated topic for industry professionals and boaters alike. In essence, these regulations will dramatically affect the following:

  • The price of new 90’ and larger yachts adding an additional $500K to $750K to the build costs
  • The usable accommodation space within the yacht due to the size of the newly required emissions scrubbing units and equipment. 

To obtain similar accommodation space of a 100’ vessel at today’s regulations, a 115’ yacht will be required in order to accommodate the newly required emissions scrubbing equipment.

If you are considering building an Outer Reef (or any other brand) 90’ or above, it is important to learn more about how this matter will affect your build plans, and potentially reserve your build position prior to the 2021 emmissions compliance taking effect. A call or email with our representatives can help to ensure your yachting plans can come to fruition without interruption.

Please contact an Outer Reef Yachts Sales Representative today to further understand these new emissions regulations and to discuss how you can reserve your build position before 2021. We are happy to help or answer any questions you might have.

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