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65 Outer Reef TOTO

November 24, 2008

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Thank you for all the goodies and, especially, for coming out to say hello and to see TOTO.We have fallen in love with her and feel as though Christmas has come early this year! Jeff, you sure have a way with boats! The Outer Reefs make so much sense as one goes through them, no matter what their size. They are, without question, the most elegant trawlers on the ocean. I/we so appreciate all the thought that has gone into their straight forward, clean, design. I know that boats are never "perfect" and are always works in progress, but, that said, I think your Outer Reefs are well ahead of the curve. It's been great fun setting TOTO up and finding out how much boat we have and how comfortable she is! We are looking forward to learning her systems and how to handle her. I'm still scared to death to go anywhere without a sail, but am hoping TOTO will make an easy convert of me. Knowing we have all the tech support we could ever wish for is a huge comfort. Another Outer Reef home run. Thank you both, and hugs, Robin & Stuart Ray 65 Outer Reef TOTO    Back to All Articles