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Outer Reef 70 - Bigger & Better

December 12, 2011

 PassageMaker magazine reviews the new Outer Reef 70:

 Outer Reef 70 - Bigger & Better

OK, I admit it. Size really does make a difference. Lest you think you've picked up a copy of Hustler by mistake, let me hasten to say that a fine example of this dictum is the Outer Reef 70 seen on these pages. It is essentially a stretched version of their 65-footer, but, oh my, what a difference!

Not only do those 60 inches make a quantum improvement on the interior and on deck, but they make the boat even more fuel efficient because of the longer waterline. It's a win-win that doesn't add appreciably to the price of the yacht, and as a result, Outer Reef hasn't sold a 65 since they introduced the 70...

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