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Una de las piedras angulares más importantes del modelo comercial de Outer Reef es el servicio al cliente insuperable. Los servicios de yates de Outer Reef no solo se ofrecen a quienes han comprado un yate de Outer Reef, nuevo y de segunda mano, sino que Outer Reef Yachts también ofrece programas de servicio y mantenimiento a nivel mundial y en todas las marcas de yates.

Nuestro equipo de servicio, dirigido por el Capitán Randy Ives, Director de Puesta en Marcha/Garantía/Servicio/Capacitación, ha estado operando yates de todas las formas y tamaños durante décadas, en todo el mundo. Dirige un equipo que está listo para ayudarlo con sus necesidades de servicio de navegación. El equipo de servicio de Outer Reef Yachts ofrece más de 90 años de experiencia acumulativamente.


Solo algunos servicios que ofrecemos:

  • Programa de servicio e inspección previa a la venta / encuestas
  • Mantenimiento / Inspecciones de Yates
  • Lavado, encerado y detallado de exteriores
  • Mantenimiento del colador y filtro
  • Mantenimiento programado completo del motor / generador
  • Mantenimiento del fondo del casco / zinc
  • Mantenimiento de aire acondicionado / calefacción
  • Mantenimiento del sistema de cabeza
  • Servicio de buceo
  • Servicio de aprovisionamiento
  • Encuestas marinas
  • Entrega de yates con nuestros capitanes con licencia
  • Flota móvil totalmente equipada
  • Servicio de emergencia las 24 horas

Testimonio de Servicio

I apologize for sending an email instead of a hand written letter, but given that I will be in the Bahamas for the next three months, this email will have to suffice. Why a hand written letter you may ask? Well, my recent experience with Randy Ives and his team warrant such a letter and the gravity and gratitude that a personal letter would convey.". Read the full testimonial here!

- Chris W., Owner of Outer Reef 670 Motoryacht "PRIVATE IDAHO"
We have been looking at Outer Reef Yachts for a few years and have always compared the other boats to Outer Reef. Hands down, Outer Reef remained at the very top of our list over the years! It has taken us a few years to move life's puzzle pieces around, and to be able to act quickly when the opportunity arose. Thanks to our Sales Representative Kevin Blake, we jumped on the opportunity to make an offer on a brokerage 65' Outer Reef "GILA RINA II". Read the full testimonial here!

- Gary and Betsy D., Owners of Outer Reef 650 Motoryacht "FAVORITE CHILD"
This new service initiative will add to the value of every OuterReef that has been built. It is a pleasure to be the owner of our second Outer Reef. Our next boat will probably be an Outer Reef.

- Owner of 800 Motoryacht "GINGER"
This new service initiative will add to the value of every OuterReef that has been built. It is a pleasure to be the owner of our second Outer Reef. Our next boat will probably be an Outer Reef.

- Owner of 800 Motoryacht "GINGER"
Captain Randy Ives (Outer Reef Yachts in-house Commissioning / Warranty / Service Project Manager) went above and beyond (as did Bryan and Richard) to help get the ANA LUISA ready pre and post sea trial. He remained incredibly focused... We had a very comprehensive orientation which started with fuel system (made something that looks rediculously complicated and made it simple) to the anchor system and everything in between. He was there Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday after just flying back from Taiwan (Outer Reef Yacht's shipyard). He made sure we knew the boat as best one can in such a short time. Subsequently on our way home he has checked in every day. Great professional, super human being and solid teacher.

- Owners of 700 Motoryacht "ANA LUISA"
Thank you very much for your continued excellent service and support of your brand. We are so pleased to be remaining a part of the Outer Reef family with our second ORY. We will be enjoying our "new" Ginger for many years to come. She is proving to be as wonderful as our first Outer Reef yacht - a testament to the quality of your product.

- Ral and John, Owners of M/Y GINGER
So far our experience with Outer Reef has been exceptional so I am looking forward to the whole experience. I have built a New York office for a major pension fund based on 30 years of learnings where collaboration, respect and the pursuit of excellence are the three main pillars. I have to say that you have done the same at Outer Reef. Randy and Joel are noodling on how to tweak set-up so I can run the ANA LUISA on just one engine without locking the shaft. I asked a few questions and they jumped right on it. Your team definitely is not satisfied with what is but is excited about what could be. Regardless, it is always a pleasure dealing with each member of your team. Well done on getting the culture right!

- Owner of Outer Reef M/Y ANA LUISA
Our thanks to the personnel at Outer Reef who were available to answer and help, and if needed, fly staff to our location to resolve any operating issues. Their commitment to customer service and owner relations are not just words - they live it.

- Owner of M/Y ARGO 88' Outer Reef Cockpit Motoryacht
Retention of value after three to five years of cruising is most often found when builders have limited or no inventory builds, no extra profit dealer networks, and quality after-sales service. Outer Reef Yachts checks all of these boxes and delivers continual support years after delivery

- Andy Ulitsky family of Argo's owners and crew during Alaskan shakedown cruise. From Northwest Yachting
You never know what the future will hold. So when we built our 65 foot Outer Reef we did not anticipate that we would still enjoy cruising on her 10 years later. This would not have been possible without the quality of the boat and support of the Outer Reef organization. Thank you very much, Jeff Druek.

- Owners of 65' M/Y Coping

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