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There is Not Another Company That Would Offer the Same

April 04, 2018

Cruising back from West End. We had a fabulous trip. We were with "SANDANA" who had intended to stay 1 day and ended up staying 4!

To our surprise, a 3rd Outer Reef steamed in. It was the old "DE ONIONS". Obviously, we had to greet them. Meeting the owner, we heard how he bought the boat through Marlow and he received a unexpected call from you pledging support and training.

I just wanted to praise the amount of added value your philosophy brings to Outer Reef. I am certain there is not another company that would offer the same.

The Outer Reef name will surely grow to be penultimate and we are happy to continue to support the movement whole heartedly!

- Owner of 700 MY "NEVERLAND"

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