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The OR 73’ - The Most Sea-Kindliness Yacht

September 01, 2006

I wanted to send my comments regarding the performance and sea kindliness of the Outer Reef 73 and the 65. As you know I have been the captain of SEA STAR for the past year and a half with trips to the Bahamas and to Maine. In all respects the boat has performed admirably. I also captained the 65 for a short period of time, and she too performs to the same degree as the 73. Some specific points I want to remark on are as follows: • Hull shape and strength. The hull shape with the keel below the propellers gives protection to the running gear. Also the boat performs well in following seas. Down wind steering in heavy seas is the most difficult for the boat to maintain a course. The Outer Reef tracked very well. In the Bahamas during a trip with 25 to 30 knots of wind and the seas off the port quarter, the boat steered a straight course under human control. It was not comfortable and we were glad to get into port, but the boat stood up to the test. • Hull quietness while at anchor or at a dock. The spray rails and the step in the hull is high enough that you do not get the slapping of the waves against the hull. In other trawler types, I have found the boat to be quite noisy when at anchor. The lapping of the waves against the hull can be rather irritating. Not so with the Outer Reef. • Engine room and systems location. I have found the engine room roomy enough to work comfortably in. The pumps and systems are located in areas that are easy to access. I particularly like the sea chests for intake of water to the various systems; they eliminate excessive thru-hull intakes. • Cabinet making The craftsmen at the yard are excellent wood workers. Their joinery work is superb. • Yacht improvements. Each new boat, and I have seen three so far, have improvements over the prior boats. These are not static projects. I am constantly surprised at the number of improvements each new yacht brings. I must congratulate Jeff Druek and his staff on the number of upgrades on each yacht. • Economies of cruising. The boats cruise comfortably in the 9 to 12 knot range with fuel consumption at about 11 to 23 gallons per hour depending on the rpms. With fuel tankage at 2000 to 3000gallons, the burn rate gives you a cruising range of over 1000 miles. I am available to discuss with any prospective buyer, my experiences with the Outer Reefs; more than can be discussed in this letter. Feel free to call at any time. Sincerely, Bob Belschner 500 Ton Coast Guard Merchant Marine Captain

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