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Outer Reef Team Members Provide Exceptional Customer Service

March 06, 2019

It occured to me after writing to you [Jeff Druek] about Randy that there are other actors that deserve call outs as well.

It was a pleasure from start to finish working with Danny Stovall during the building of "RHAPSODY". I tend to do my emailing late at night and on weekends and was often embarrassed to receive prompt, thoughtful replies from Danny at all hours and on any day of the week. It was impressive how quickly Danny would have answers for me from the yard in Taiwan, usually within 24 hours of my query. Danny’s communication was always clear and concise. I felt that I was so well informed during the build process, between Danny’s communication and the weekly photos, that I felt no need to visit the yard in Taiwan.

And then there’s Matt Maynard, my Seattle broker. Matt is as eager and friendly as his dog, Wilson, and everybody loves Wilson. Working with Matt is more like doing a project with a good friend than working with a broker, not to demean brokers. Matt has been extremely helpful and hard working, especially during the sale of my last boat. High enthusiasm is infectious. I trust that he will be enlarging the ORY family in the NW as fast as Tania can build boats.

Thank you once again for having created such a fine operation.

- New Owner of 700 Outer Reef Motoryacht Delivered to Seattle, WA

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