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NV in Spain

October 03, 2012

The arrival to Port Adriano outside of Palma was wonderful. Nani Mass, the Marina Manager,  was  great by accommodating us and helping us with all our needs. Considering that this was our first marina in the Med, we had many needs and questions. 

We went out for dinner with him and his beautiful wife a couple of times...great  couple - we wish we had spent more time with them. Even though Port Adriano is about 20 minutes away from downtown Palma, it is the best marina we have been to so far. Great staff, beautiful marina, great restaurants and VERY PEACEFUL. The month that we spent in Port Adriano we had the boat cleaned after being on the ship for 3 weeks, carpet and some furniture cleaned as well, interviewed people, purchased TV receivers for Europe and had them installed, got the kids their EU Pet Passport, etc. We also had time to explore the city and we absolutely loved it.  We rented a car while in Palma so it was easy to move around and explore outside the mayor city attractions. One of favorite places we visited was Soller.  We took the old train to this small jewel where we were able to go back by boat later on. It  was extremely charming with a beautiful harbor.

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