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NV in France

November 27, 2012



We had to rush our departure from Barcelona to Nice as the weather was not cooperating and we had set a date to meet my cousin. We had a window of two days to get to Nice from Barcelona, if not we would have had to depart a week later. We navigated 24 hrs from Barcelona to Bandol rested one night and navigated 10hrs from Bandol to Nice.

Bandol is a cute little town with a pretty harbor where the Marina receives you with a bottle of Rosé Wine and all kind of information about the area. The day we arrived they had the local market right on the was hilarious to see all mega yachts with fruits, vegetables and clothing stands right at their front steps. We for example, had a bras and underwear stand behind us. The funny part was that they had a “fitting area” that was covered on the street side but not on the ocean side; therefore, we could saw all the action. In the late afternoon the typical local artists brought their art to the marina and it was very pleasant to feel the French atmosphere. Woke up very early the next morning, had a gorgeous sunrise and left for Nice.

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