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Maverick Heading South

December 02, 2010

Maverick made her way south form Long Island NY in mid October.  We had great weather to Annapolis where we left off guests and picked up more. Seems our friends that are all sailors have developed a love affair with our Outer Reef. Due to weather outside we traveled the Inter Coastal to Charleston then outside to St. Augustine (a very rough inlet) to pick up more friends for the remaining short trip to Maverick's winter home in Stuart. Maverick performed beautifully and was well admired in every marina we stopped in. Though sailors for over forty years and still owner's of the Swan 57 Boonatsa in the Caribbean, Linda and I are  quickly becoming  addicted  to Outer Reef's luxury and seaworthiness as are some of our fellow sailing friends who incidentally have all asked to make the return trip to New York in the spring.

Linda & Frank Mavronicolas

Outer Reef 63 “Maverick”

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