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Fabulous Platform to Escape to

March 30, 2020

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Dear Jeff,

I followed your advice to "Just Do It," and we are now on day 7 of the quarantine and operating our business and school classes offshore aboard "EPICENTER". Here is the picture of proper social distancing from Miami where we are anchored.

Now for the fun facts which you know…we are getting 14 hours each day on the inverter running all systems that are needed, which means we have enough fuel to anchor out for at least 160 days and still have enough to get back to Palm Beach! Thanks for building a fabulous platform to escape to. No virus out here… just gorgeous water and so far, incredible weather also. Truly our "EPICENTER" of operations. Stay healthy!

- Gary L., Owner of Outer Reef 650 Motoryacht "EPICENTER"

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