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August Moon (Formerly JAMBO)

July 17, 2017

Jeff and Mike,

We have been back aboard AUGUST MOON (Formerly JAMBO) since last Sunday here in Ft. Lauderdale working daily to prepare for our 3 month cruise north to Maine and back...Liz and I were on a roll until Thursday when Randy was able to come aboard to review and discuss a few last mechanical issues...we discovered that the port engine would not cooperate. No forward or reverse, and now our departure on Saturday was in jeopardy...[Captain] Randy, who cancelled a trip today in order to come back this morning to finish getting us off and running, was incredibly helpful and we are very grateful to Outer Reef for sticking with us through our process. All the best to the whole team!


Dear Rick,

I'm glad that Randy could get you up and running and thank you for your kind comments. We understand how important it is for our owners to be able to get use of their boats during prime cruising season and minimize down time. We take great pride in our service department and the philosophy of “client first” that guides all of us at Outer Reef. Please don't hesitate to call if you need any further assistance.

Enjoy your cruise!
Sincere Regards,
Jeff Druek
President and CEO

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