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ANA LUISA Testimonial

March 29, 2017

So far our experience with Outer Reef has been exceptional so I am looking forward to the whole experience.  I have built a New York office for a major pension fund based on 30 years of learnings where collaboration, respect and the pursuit of excellence are the three main pillars.  I have to say that you have done the same at Outer Reef.  Randy and Joel are noodling on how to tweak set-up so I can run the ANA LUISA on just one engine without locking the shaft.  I asked a few questions and they jumped right on it.  Your team definitely is not satisfied with what is but is excited about what could be.  Regardless,  it is always a pleasure dealing with each member of your team. Well done on getting the culture right!

- Owner of Outer Reef 700 M/Y ANA LUISA

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