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A Note From John and Jeannie Coyle

December 15, 2008

Nan Shan, Karl, Chaucer, Jeannie and I would like to thank you all for your time, generosity and hospitality during our recent visit. We enjoyed the time you spent with us, allowing us to more greatly appreciate the fine work that you do. It is an amazing process, we were able to see firsthand how such fine craftsmanship and technical expertise go into building our boat. The behind the scene look at how so many components are handmade, the high standards for quality and the attention to detail are one of the many things that stood out to us. We really liked the wood working shop, following the process of wood selection, crafting and finishing that result in a final product of such fine quality. Overall we walked away with a much greater appreciation for the expert craftsmanship that goes into each boat. We enjoyed our time with the younger staff that stayed with us for most of our stay, as we walked through our boat asking questions, probing issues and making minor changes. They were absolutely delightful to work with and added to the overall sense of professionalism that we saw. Our meeting with Karl was most helpful and again, added to a real sense of completeness. We are excited about how well the boat is coming along and what a fine vessel she will be. We feel a greater sense of being connected to her as well as having a greater appreciation for all that is needed to build her. Seeing all of the people that work on various components and the apparent pride that they take in their work, made this trip well worth the time and effort. We would not have missed it. Jeff and Chaucer we want you to know how much we appreciate the thoughtfulness of the layout and its overall livability. Having owned many boats in the past and lived aboard one, we have come to appreciate how important the living and storage space is. This was one of the critical factors in our initial attraction to Outer Reef. Being able to tweak the design makes the boat very comfortable for long term cruising, comfort and ease of handling for a couple as well of a sense of security for its sea keeping design. Finally the lunches were absolutely great. Such a sense of hospitality and good cheer. I think it was one of the highlights of our trip that we will remember for some time and we thank you for being so warm and generous. Many thanks for the friendliness, openness and broad access to the yard and people. It has reinforced our decision and was a trip we will long remember. Regards, John & Jeannie Coyle the future M/V SeaBright 65-38

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