Global Headquarters


Jeff Druek

President/Chief Executive Officer

As President and CEO of Outer Reef Yachts, Jeff Druek, a native New Yorker, has an incredibly extensive background in maritime and luxury building and construction. The marriage of these life-long passions, along with his quest to exceed the expectations of his valued clients in both arenas, has created the perfect environment for exceptional yacht building within the current Outer Reef Yachts long range collection as well as the superyacht arena.

Jeff began his working life as a very young, tenacious, and self-employed member of the commercial fishing industry on Long Island, New York. During this chapter early in his career, his inclination towards boating organically evolved, along with the necessary self-reliance synonymous with commercial fishing.

After a tour of duty in the U.S. Merchant Marines, Jeff decided to translate these valuable early experiences into the custom luxury building industry. In 1978 Jeff started his custom home building company, in which he specialized in the construction of high-end residential homes in The Hamptons on the east-end of Long Island. His well-established company, with over 115 full time employees, expanded into other facets of the building industry, such as property and estate management. Often, custom home building and estate management are defined by impeccable customer service - a company philosophy that Jeff has since weaved into the fabric of Outer Reef Yachts throughout his many years of management.

Before 1996, Jeff had honed his expertise in the yacht industry, particularly in the construction of speculation yachts. However, a pivotal moment in his journey occurred when he embarked on the endeavor of building his own yacht. Frustrated by subpar customer service and a lack of customization options from a prospective yacht builder who has now become a direct competitor, Jeff decided to take matters into his own hands. His dissatisfaction led him to embark on the construction of a 60' Long Range Cruising Yacht, a project he executed with remarkable success.

Upon completion, the quality of his work was evident to those who saw the yacht, resulting in immediate purchase offers. Jeff's unwavering commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, which he had previously applied in his custom home building business, seamlessly transitioned into the world of yacht construction. With 48 years of passionate knowledge and hands-on experience, Jeff's journey in the yacht building industry has been characterized by dedication, quality, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. These principles continue to be the driving force behind Outer Reef Yachts' success. "I have instilled the same principals and attention to detail within Outer Reef Yachts that I had done in my custom home building business. My extensive knowledge of construction details, and passionate knowledge of boats and yachts over the past 48 years has made my transition and successes within the yacht building industry possible" .

Today Outer Reef Yachts is a company that has evolved into building award-winning, long range motoryachts for yachtsmen and women around the globe. "My goal is to produce the ultimate Yacht so others may follow their dreams, as I have in my years of cruising."

This history and passionare parleying into Jeff's most recent endeavor: expanding the Outer Reef Yachts collection into the Superyacht sector of the industry. As with any size yacht builtby the Outer Reefteam, meeting and exceeding the needs of each unique customer's cruising goals, so that they can create memories that last a lifetime, is what Jeff considers the ultimate reward.