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Geoffrey White

Sales Professional

Geoffrey White began his close association with boats at an early age. Growing up on the New Jersey Shore, he sailed Comets, Woodpussys and Lightings at local clubs and regattas. As a early teenager he taught sailing at these same clubs along the shore. In later teen years, White worked at several boat yards on the shore doing yacht maintenance and repairs.

White graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1966 with a BS degree in business administration. Military service followed with six years spent on active duty as a Naval pilot with Carrier 54 Air Group aboard the USS Wasp and USS Saratoga. Following separation from the Navy, White, along with a partner, created a sail boat company around a design concept of a sailing vessel as a heavy displacement, full keel, canoe stern cutter. Similar to the old Colin Archer designs of the North Sea Lifeboat Service, these sail boats were named Hans Christian. Over the following 20 years, White, as President of Hans Christian Yachts, was involved in all aspects of the yacht business including designs, marketing, dealer development, sales and creation of related lines in the marine fields. Hans Christian Yachts consisted of two sailing lines and one active power boat trawler line when the company was sold by White to a group of European buyers in 1993. (Today, Hans Christian Yachts continues to construct yachts in its yard located in Pattaya, Thailand.)

Since the HC trawler line was not part of the company sale, these trawlers were kept by White and produced in the US. These yachts, built in fiberglass, were the genesis however, of the Molokai Strait Yachts designed as world cruising steel/aluminum expedition vessels. White has been involved in all aspects of Molokai Strait from the early design concepts to construction, marketing and sales. Either directly, or with his related sales associates, White has delivered over one thousands yachts to customers around the world.